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Welcome to the web page for the Shining Star Christian Virtual School! With so much unknown and change, the one thing you can count on is the Shining Star community to support you. Our team has worked awfully hard to improve our virtual and distance programs. We are also committed to providing computer devices for every student. Through the pandemic and beyond, we are committed to providing a high-quality, Christian education that is safe for students and teachers. – John Mattek, CEO of Shining Star Schools


By providing a faith-based, relevant, technology-rich learning environment the Shining Star Christian Virtual School leads students to SHINE at home, school, in the world, and for all eternity.


In the rapid shift to distance learning forced by the COVID-19 pandemic, school leaders and teachers across the country have gone above and beyond to give children and families the support they need. Schools have moved mountains to ensure that students are still receiving access to meals and to the devices and connectivity they need to engage in distance learning. One lesson we are learning is that meaningful and equitable parental engagement is a critical piece of what K-12 education looks like during and after this pandemic.

Equipping families to support learning at home will help prevent COVID-19 from deepening inequality for this generation of children. We must particularly work with low-income parents, otherwise the achievement gap will continue to grow with each school closure.

Considering this situation, and per the guidance of our school board, we are launching a pilot program for distance learning for the 2020-21 school year. This pilot program will be separate from current Shining Star systems but remain under the Shining Star umbrella. The vision is to launch a new Christian virtual school in 2021-22 through the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program.

If there has ever been a time for innovation, it is now. The pandemic has created an ideal setting to improve parental capacity to support the academic success of children. The beauty of this vision is the potential to offer high-quality, Christian education for children everywhere.

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