The hard Truth about Fake Id everybody should know


Why do you think everyone has a fake ID? But whenever you ask for a lead to get yours, the answer is always vague – “from a friend.” Do you ever question why so many people with fake IDs tend to hide the maker? It is probably because they fear the consequences of having them getting caught?


Anyway, The fake IDs that college students are now getting are more genuine than ever, and law enforcement has little training in that department.


What’s the draw?

To put it straight– alcohol! The main reason for acquiring a fake ID is to get into a bar or club meant for people ages 21 and above. Fake IDs are especially prominent among college students, as they try to get into bars in their college towns or to buy alcohol at the liquor shop.


The Legal Price

While buying alcohol is sometimes easy, the students aren’t uncomfortable. Because it is an illegal act, their eyes are always out for law enforcement as getting caught comes with heavier penalties.


For example, if caught with a fake id in Maryland, it could lead to suspension of their driver’s license for about a year in addition to a $500 fine and around 60 days in jail. For some students, the penalties are not issues as they are sure of the quality of the fake id they carry.


How common are fake IDs?

Well, it is not everyone that has a fake ID; available statistics show there is about 30 per cent of the students would own one in their life in college. Also, those with an increasing number of social outings are more likely to own one.


The War on Fakes

Once a fake ID arrives, the risks and fears grow. Daily, kids with fake ids worry about the police, bouncers at clubs, clerks at the liquor store, the app developers, buy fake id,and even Congress who are always on their tail. Sometime in August of 2012, the Chinese authority was under pressure to shut down a fake ID website named ID Chief. Hardly did the euphoria of the shut down last more than a few weeks before it was back up again and still running today.


Different countries are taking stern measures against fake id websites, but there seems to be no remarkable success, due in part to the market they serve. One would say the gain is worth the risk.


How can I get a fake ID?

If you ask where they obtain their fake ID, you will hardly get a good response. The most you will hear is “from a friend,” so vague an answer that leads you to nowhere!



People who patronize these fake id websites don’t always give out names. The interest is to protect the phony id provider from the law. It may be frustrating, best fake id,but what else do you expect from kids who desperately want to enjoy life? Therefore, it is best to keep searching until you succeed in finding what you want.

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